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Category: Tech and Business

Different types of pneumatic cylinders

Pneumatic cylinder is also known as air cylinders. With growing technology, our life has become very easy and pneumatic cylinder is one of the greatest innovations which can be used for several purposes.

This amazing mechanical device uses the power generated by the compressed gas in order to produce force in reciprocating the linear motion. Air pneumatic cylinders varies in appearance and it comes in a wide variety of ranges and sizes. Each pneumatic cylinder is different from others and they are used in functioning different kinds of work. They are designed to fulfill specialized functions.

Based on your requirement, you can choose the best Air cylinder which ever you want. Pneumatic cylinder manufacturers play an important role in producing the product with quality and efficiency. Each pneumatic actuator type and configuration has a significant place in today’s factory automation as well.

Different types of Cylinder:

There are different types of pneumatic cylinders you will see in the market. Pneumatic cylinders are used in several purposes. Most of the cases it has been seen that engineers like to use the pneumatic cylinders as they are cleaner, quieter and also it doesn’t require a large space for storing the fluid.

When cleanliness is your criteria, pneumatic cylinder should be your first choice. Pneumatic cylinder comes in different sizes so you will easily find short, medium or long stroke pneumatic cylinder.

Single acting cylinders: the Single acting pneumatic cylinder uses the pressure created and it compresses the pressure, which helps to create somewhat driving force towards one single direction, normally in the out direction. This type of cylinder generally has limited extension.

Another downside is that the force produced by the cylinder is lost and it generally tries to push the air against the spring.

Double acting cylinders: The Double acting pneumatic cylinder generally uses the force created by the air in order to move towards both the extension. It has two parts to allow the air in and one part is for out stroke and another one is for in stroke.

Multi stage, telescopic cylinder: This type of cylinder is also known as telescopic cylinders. It can be double or single acting. This type of cylinder incorporates piston rod, which is nested within the hollow stages with increasing diameters.

Single acting pneumatic and double acting pneumatic cylinder is the commonest of the cylinder types; there are some other types of cylinders also.

  • Through rod air cylinders: in this type of cylinders, the piston rods are extended through both the sides of the cylinder which allows speed and equal forces on the either side.
  • Cushion end air cylinders: This type of cylinder comes with air exhaust (regulated) which avoids the impact between the end cover of the cylinder and piston rod.
  • Rotary air cylinders: This type of air cylinder uses the air to impact rotary motion.
  • Rodless cylinders: This type of cylinder does not have any piston rod. These cylinders use magnetic coupling for the impact force, normally to a body that will move along the length of the body of the cylinder.
  • Impact air cylinder: These cylinders are of high velocity and are specially designed and withstand the force of retracting or extending of piston rods.